two-person horse costume
2022, ashes on found quilt square
image courtesy of 

brunettes are well-versed in psychic protection
2021, oil on found quilt square

2021, oil on canvas with butterflies

princess of missouri
2021, ashes and oil paint on canvas with poplar frame

writing a song
2020, oil on canvas, 35" x 38"

all girls want to be famous
2020, oil on canvas, 46" x 30"

psuedo wolf (without the clothing)
2020, oil and temporary tattoo on dropcloth, 46" x 30"

burn area
2020, oil on canvas, 16" x 18"

i control the burn
2020, oil and ash paint on canvas and wood, 32" x 23"

pear tree girl and star
2020, oil on wood with clay star and chain, 8" x 13"

one nothing wrong with me, two nothing wrong with me, three nothing wrong with me
2020, oil on canvas with found salt and pepper shakers, 9" x 11"

2019, oil on bedsheet, 25” x 25”
image courtesy of jargon projects

slut drop in tha safe space
2020, oil on bedsheet, stick and paperclay, 13" x 9"